Friday, February 8, 2008

Lucas to Enlighten Students at Stamford,
Gives Advice on Faking One's Death, Best Brand of Collagen

Students at Stamford University get "A Night With Michael Lucas"... not THAT kind of night. Instead, Lucas has been invited to speak to students this Valentine's Day. 

We're told the talk, to be held at Stamford's Palo Alto, CA campus, will include a lecture by Lucas and a question-and-answer session. Admission is free and will be on a, get ready, first-come, first-served basis (ba dah duh). 

Lucas has lectured at a number of other universities, such as Yale, NYU and Rutgers and they all included a wide range of subjects from the adult industry, safe sex, relationships and yes, even Israel. We're told this will also be the case at Stamford.


"I appreciate that I am not limited to speak just about pornography when invited to Stanford or other universities," Lucas said. "Porn is my main job, but there are other fields in which I became expert and feel confident and comfortable talking about."

But Israel? C'mon, how are you going to take serious anything that comes out of the mouth of someone who faked his own death for publicity? Stamford is recognized as one of the world's foremost research and teaching institutions. Maybe they'll be able to see directly through the collagen bull. 

Or maybe not, it looks like Stamford is caving to the brainwashing charisma of Lucas. "The ASSU Speakers Bureau is thrilled to welcome Michael Lucas to Stanford University," said T. Patrick Cordova, spokesperson for the group. "We are excited to bring together Stanford's commitment to academic excellence with Mr. Lucas' cultural and social perspective."

'Cultural and social perspective', huh?

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